What Do Raccoons Eat In The City?

Are you wondering what raccoons eat in the city? And how they’ve been able to survive and thrive so well in them. If so, you’ve found the right article! Not only will you learn what raccoons eat in the city, but you’ll also know how they’ve adapted to urban life and how to keep them away from your home too!

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

What Do Raccoons Eat In The City?

Raccoons are very adaptable, so long story short; they’re going to eat anything they can get their hands on. As well as the things they’d normally eat (fruits, nuts, grubs, worms, rodents, and even birds) they’re also going to consume human food too.

Anything that gets thrown into the trash which is edible will be devoured by raccoons as well. In fact, it’s not uncommon for raccoons to enter your home and scavenge food from your pantry and your pet’s food too!

Long story short, anything that is readily available for a raccoon to eat will be eaten. So you need to make sure you’re practicing due diligence to stop them from eating everything!

Four cute baby raccoon sitting on a deck at night

How Come Raccoons Thrive So Well In Cities?

It’s hard to find animals that are as well adapted to city life as raccoons. They thrive in city environments, and there are a number of reasons for this!

Their Hands Are Unique

A raccoon’s hands are extremely unique. Not only are they long and dextrous. They’re also extremely agile and strong. This allows raccoons to manipulate locks and climb exceptionally well.

Their Intelligent

Raccoons are also intelligent. They’re even able to pick locks and solve puzzles, unlike a lot of other animals. Because of this, if they’re underestimated, they’re able to get into areas you wouldn’t think possible. In fact, it’s not uncommon for raccoons to unlock the locks on chicken coops and get in.

They Adapt Well

And of course, as you know, raccoons can adapt very well to their environment. It’s not just how they can eat anything, but they can also make a den out of anything as well. In fact, oftentimes, raccoons favor human homes as their dens, especially unused attics, and garages.

They’re Omnivorous

Also, raccoons are omnivorous, which means they don’t have to be nearly as picky about the food they eat. This means that they can thrive in environments carnivores or herbivores wouldn’t because there’s always an abundance of food for them.

Should You Feed A Raccoon?

It’s never a good idea to feed raccoons. Not only are you going to encourage them to come back, but they may also become too familiar with humans.

Even if you think you’re saving yourself the hassle by feeding them, you’re only going to end up dealing with an unwanted lodger that could potentially start a whole family near your home, disrupting everything.

And if one day a raccoon decides to act aggressively, it could end up hurting your pets (such as cats and dogs) and even you! So feeding raccoons should be avoided at all costs.


As you can see, raccoons will eat pretty much anything they can get their hands on in a city. So because of this, you should do everything you can to deter them from your home; otherwise, they may end up staying!

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