What To Do If A Raccoon Approaches You

If a raccoon approaches you, then you may be wondering what the correct course of action is. Should you try to scare them off? Run away? Pet them?

In this article, not only will you get a step-by-step guide on what to do when a raccoon approaches you, but you’ll also learn some helpful tips on keeping raccoons away from you and your house in the future!

So keep reading to find out everything you want to know!

What To Do If A Raccoon Approaches You

If a raccoon approaches you, you may get the urge to go and pet them or get scared and run away. But neither of them is ideal in this scenario. If a raccoon approaches you, then you should do the following:

Cover Your Skin

First of all, make sure that as much of your skin as possible is covered. Raccoons are known to carry rabies, so you definitely want to avoid them breaking your skin with a bite or scratch. Even if they don’t have rabies, they can still leave you susceptible to a lot of other diseases as well.

Back Away Slowly

Avoid running away. Instead, back away slowly. This way, they are less likely to give chase or act aggressively because they’ll still see you as a threat as well.

Make Yourself Appear As Large As Possible

You should also try to make yourself as large as possible as well. Stand up straight and raise your hands above your head. Also, shout at the raccoon to intimidate them as well.

Use Something To Increase The Distance Between You

If possible, try to find something like a stick or chair to increase the distance between you and the raccoon. This is especially important if the raccoon is acting aggressively towards you.

Close Your Doors

In cases where the raccoon is approaching you in your home, it’s advised to close all the doors to the rest of your house and allow the raccoon to find their way back out on their own. If this doesn’t work, try using a broom to coerce them outside gently.

Just make sure you’re never making the raccoon feel cornered.

What Should You Avoid Doing

Now you know all the things you should do when a raccoon approaches you, here are the things you’ll definitely want to avoid doing!

Don’t Give Them Food

It can be hard to turn raccoons down, especially when they’re looking at you with their big eyes. However, if you feed a raccoon, it’s only going to make the problem worse. They’ll know that they’ve found a place where they can get dinner, and they’ll likely keep returning.

As well as this, they’ll become a lot less afraid of humans and may even begin to associate them with food.

Don’t Approach Them

You may also get the urge to approach a raccoon or try to pet it. However, you should definitely avoid this as well! The raccoon may even appear docile until they feel like they’re backed into a corner. At this point, they may end up becoming a lot more aggressive and attacking.

Don’t Let Your Pets Near Them

And lastly, you should also make sure that you’re keeping your pets away from them as well. It’s hard to tell how raccoons are going to react around other animals and, in some cases, how your pet is going to react around a raccoon as well.

How To Prevent Raccoons From Returning In The Future

Now you know how to deal with raccoons approaching you and what not to do. The next step is making sure that you prevent them from wanting to return in the future!

Here are the best ways to make your home unappealing to raccoons.

Keep Your Trashed Sealed

Make sure your trash is tightly sealed before you do anything else. Raccoons love looking through trash to find food. Making sure they can’t get to your waste will lessen their attraction to your property.

Remove Pet Food

As soon as your pets are done eating, remove the food from their bowl. Unfortunately, raccoons will come to your house if you leave pet food out all day.

Make Sure Trees And Hedges Are Trimmed

Additionally, ensure the trees and hedges surrounding your home are trimmed too. This is particularly true if any of these items come in contact with your home. Raccoons frequently use trees as a route to your roof or other parts of your house where they can enter.

Try Motion Activated Deterrents

Raccoons can be scared off by motion-activated sprinklers and lights, so the next time one enters your property, these deterrents can be enough to scare them away!

Predator Urine

Predator urine can also be used to successfully get rid of raccoons. Raccoons are preyed upon by bobcats, cougars, and even domestic dogs, so getting some predator urine is a terrific method to keep them away!

Block Off Entrances To Your Home

Additionally, you should also make sure that entrances to your property are blocked off too. It’s shocking all the different ways raccoons can enter your home. So you must consider less visible entrances, such as your chimney or cat flap, in addition to addressing any more obvious points of entry.

Try Loud Objects

Raccoons might be scared away by using loud objects as well. When the wind blows, wind chimes can cause raccoons to jump, and leaving a radio on can give the impression that people are nearby.

Normal Vs Abnormal Raccoon Behavior

If a raccoon approaches you, it can help to differentiate their behavior. After all, a raccoon that is acting normal is going to be a lot less of a threat compared to one acting abnormally.

Normal Behavior

When raccoons are healthy and happy, the normal behavior you can expect is:

  • Alert and responsive.
  • They may be babies.
  • They’re foraging for food.

Abnormal Behavior

Some signs of abnormal behavior include:

  • They appear weak and tired.
  • They have a loss of balance and difficulty walking.
  • They’re bleeding or injured.

If you notice a raccoon exhibiting odd behavior at night, then you should call a wildlife rehabilitator near you to come and help them!


Here are some frequently asked questions people have about raccoons.

Is It Safe To Touch A Raccoon?

It’s not safe to touch a raccoon, and it should definitely be avoided. Not only could the raccoon be aggressive, but they also carry diseases that you will be willingly opening yourself up to if you touch them!

What Happens If A Raccoon Bites You?

If a raccoon bites or scratches you, then you could end up suffering from a variety of diseases, including rabies, roundworm, and leptospirosis. So if you do get bitten, make sure you visit a doctor straight away.

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