16 Frequently Asked Drain Fly Questions

If you’ve noticed drain flies in your home, then you probably have so many questions about them that you need to be answered! Well, here are the most common questions people have about drain flies!

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid Of Drain Flies?

Once you’ve removed the cause of your drain fly problem, drain flies will tend to die out within 24 hours. However, if you don’t attempt to remove a drain fly’s habitat, then they can easily stay in your home indefinitely.

Why Do Drain Flies Keep Coming Back?

There are two main reasons that drain flies keep coming back. The first reason is that you’re not taking the proper steps to keep them away (removing all standing water and their food source). Or because there is more than one infestation in your home somewhere else.

Oftentimes, drain flies won’t just stay in one location; rather, they’ll migrate to another drain or area with standing water elsewhere in your home!

Can Drain Flies Live In Walls?

While you may notice drain flies resting on your walls, it’s highly unlikely they’d be living in your walls. Unless there are plenty of ways they can get in and out of the walls, as well as standing water and a food source inside as well, then they won’t be able to survive in your walls.

Can Drain Flies Get Past The P Trap?

Drain flies will not be able to get past the P trap in your sink. If you notice that there are drain flies in your home, they probably started outside before migrating inwards.

Where Do Drain Flies Nest?

Drain flies will nest anywhere that’s humid enough for them with standing water and plenty of food for them to survive and breed in. That’s why they’re most commonly found in drain pipes, sump pumps, sewage systems, and garbage disposals!

Macro Photography of Drain Fly on Black Glass

Will A Plumber Get Rid Of Drain Flies?

If you need to get rid of drain flies, then plumbers are definitely going to be able to help you do this! Plumbers are much more equipped at being able to take apart the pipes in your home to see where drain flies are coming from and remove them as well!

Do Drain Flies Sleep At Night?

Drain flies tend to sleep during both the night and day. However, while they can sleep at any time, they do tend to be more active at night!

Will Apple Cider Vinegar Get Rid Of Drain Flies?

You can use apple cider vinegar to effectively get rid of drain flies. To do so, pour some into a container and then cover the container with plastic wrap. Once the container has been covered, poke holes in the plastic wrap. When you do this, drain flies will be able to enter the container but then unable to leave.

Will Drain Flies Go Away On Their Own?

If left untreated, it’s unlikely that drain flies will go away on their own unless their food source is removed somehow. With that being said, once you take small steps to eliminate drain flies from your home, then the chances are that you won’t need to do much more to get rid of them!

Does Boiling Water Kill Drain Flies?

In cases of small infestations boiling water is adequate for getting rid of drain flies. Not only will boiling water kill any drain flies and drain worms it comes into contact with, but it will also drastically reduce the food source available to drain flies as well.

Repeatedly pouring boiling water down your drains 2-3 times a week can help get rid of drain flies in a lot of cases.

Can Drain Flies Lay Eggs In Humans

If you’re worried about drain flies laying eggs in humans, then don’t be! There’s zero percent chance of this happening. In fact, the human body is categorically inhospitable to drain flies.

How Long Do Drain Fly Infestations Last?

If a drain fly infestation isn’t fixed, then it can last indefinitely. However, once you begin to sort out the issues behind your drain fly infestation, then it will normally clear itself up within 20 days.

However, if there’s a second infestation site you haven’t noticed, or you didn’t take the proper measures to get rid of them the first time, then it can be longer.

Are Drain Flies Common?

Drain flies are actually quite common pests, so if you see them in your home, you shouldn’t be alarmed! They can often be found in any area with standing water and a source of food inside and outside of your home.

Do Drain Flies Mean Your House Is Dirty?

If you have drain flies in your home, it doesn’t mean your house is dirty. They are opportunistic pests, and they’re normally found in areas outside. However, if they’ve migrated inwards, it just means they’ve found a pipe or area in your home that has the perfect conditions for them to breed in.

Are Drain Flies Harmful?

While drain flies are a nuisance, they’re not harmful to humans. The only risk that comes from drain flies is that they have been known to aggravate symptoms of asthma in some people.

Can Drain Flies Come From The Toilet?

It’s unlikely that drain flies have come from your toilet itself. However, there is a chance that drain flies have entered your home and made a nest between a toilet and a sewage flange. This is especially the case when the seal on a sewage flange has become faulty.


As you can see, drain flies aren’t much of a pest, and it doesn’t take much to get rid of them in most cases! I hope this article has been informative and helpful!

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