Mouse Traps Not Working

Are you setting loads of mouse traps only for none of them to work? Well there are a number of reasons behind why this might be happening. In this article, not only will you find out why your mouse traps aren’t working, but also what you can do about it, and other effective alternatives!

So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Why Are Your Mouse Traps Not Working?

There are a number of different reasons why your mouse traps aren’t working. And once you know them all, you can begin working on fixing the issue.

Make Sure It’s Not Another Pests

Before anything, you should make sure that it’s definitely mice you’re dealing with and not another type of pest. Mousetraps are great for mice, but if you’re dealing with pests that differ in size, then they’re going to lose effectiveness quickly.

For example, rats are too big for mouse traps to be effective against them, however, they’ll still be able to get the bait. And on the other end of the spectrum, ants are going to be too small to trigger the mouse traps, while still being able to get the bait

You’re Touching The Bait With Your Bare Hands

One reason that mice may not be taking the bait is that you’ve been touching the bait with your bare hands. Mice have very sensitive noses, and if they detect the scent of a human on their food, they may not eat it.

You’re Using The Wrong Kind Of Bait

Sometimes it can be the case that you’re just using the wrong kind of bait. It’s important not only that the bait will attract the mice, but also that it’s going to be hard to remove. Mice are clever, and if the bait comes off too easily, then they’re going to run off with it.

Not Using Enough Traps

Sometimes it may simply be that you’re not using enough traps. In places you know are high traffic for mice, it can be a good idea to put multiple traps down, inches from each other. This way you’re going to maximize the chances of catching mice.

If you don’t have enough traps down, then the mice are much more likley to evade them.

You’re Leaving Traps Out In The Open

Another reason that you might not be catching any mice with your traps is that you’re leaving them in areas where mice are going to be too exposed. Mice don’t like to go out in the open, so if you’re placing traps in areas mice think is a threat, they won’t go and get the food.

The Mice Are Still Investigating

If you’ve just put the traps down, then there’s a good chance the mice won’t go for them straight away. Oftentimes, mice will wait a few days before investigating the trap, and if it goes off and doesn’t trap them, then it’s unlikely they’ll return to it again.

You’re Not Changing The Bait Enough

Sometimes it may simply be the case that you’re not changing the bait enough on your trap. Once the bait is getting old, it’s not going to be as appealing to the mice. So depending on the bait you’re using, you may need to change it every few days.

How To Make Sure Your Mouse Traps Work

Now you know all the different reasons that your mouse traps might not be working, here are the things you can do to ensure they become effective again!

Try Different Bait

You can use a variety of different food as bait. Seeds and other nut butters can work well as mouse bait. You can also try soft cheese, wet cat food, grapes, and berries in addition to these.

Don’t Use So Much

You don’t need to cover traps with bait to attract mice because they already have a keen sense of smell. Simply put, if you do this you make it simpler for them to eat some without being discovered. Instead, apply a pea-sized amount of bait to the trap.

Try Nesting Materials

Sometimes using food isn’t even neccessary. You can also use the materials the mice need for their nests as well! To tempt mice use twine, yarn, cotton, and other fabric they can use for their nests.

Place Traps By Entry Points

Additionally, you should set traps at any entrances where mice are known to enter. You know these areas are also frequently used, so setting traps there will boost your chances of catching mice.

Place Traps Against The Wall

Try setting traps up against the wall as an alternative to leaving them out in the open. Since mice follow walls, setting traps there with the bait end facing the wall encourages the rodents to investigate more, which will give the traps a higher success rate.

Set More Traps

Setting more traps is an excellent strategy to ensure that you are catching enough mice. And on top of this you can also set them closer together.

Place traps 2-3 feet along every part of the area where you see mouse activity, and a few inches apart in locations where you know their activity is higher.

Handle The Bait With Gloves

Additionally, you should use gloves when touching bait rather than your bare hands. Once mice can smell your scent on food, it’s a lot less likely they’ll try to eat it.

Try Different Traps

Try a different kind of trap if one doesn’t work. An excellent and far more compassionate method of catching mice is with bucket traps. Along with bucket traps, you might also have success creating your own DIY traps.

Make Sure You’re Setting Traps Correctly

Bait placement and setting traps correctly is key to catching mice. If you’re not sure how you should be setting traps, then a quick youtube search will give you the proper guidance on what you need to do.

Give Them Time To Get Comfortable

Occasionally all the traps need to operate is for the mice to get used to them. Particularly if you simply set the traps. Keep in mind that mice will first be quite apprehensive of your peanut butter traps, so give them time before giving up.

Hire A Professional

Sometimes, it can just be the case that the infestation is too much, and the best thing you can do is hire a professional. Mice can breed exponentially when left alone, and if they’ve been in your home for a long time, then the chances are there’s going to be too many to deal with on your own.

How To Get Rid Of Mice Humanely

Just because mouse traps that kill are easily accessible, it doesn’t mean their the best choice. There are some equally good mouse traps you can use which don’t harm the mice in your home. And even more ways to get rid of mice humanely as well!

Here are all the different ways you can get rid of mice humanely.

Bucket Traps

Bucket traps are simple to set up and extremely effective. You can buy them online, and all you have to do is use a rotating platform covered in peanut butter to entice mice onto it.

They will then drop into the bucket once they reach the platform and it begins to spin. Then you only need to take the bucket a mile or more from your home in the morning to let the mice out.

Live Traps

You can catch mice with live traps in addition to bucket traps. Live traps catch mice by luring them in and then locking them inside once they are there. Just make sure that you don’t leave the mice in the traps for an extended period of time, so check these traps frequently.

Seal All Trash

You should make sure that all of the trash in your house is sealed. If you don’t seal the trash, it will be an open buffet for mice at night. So if you don’t already, consider buying bins that seal once they’re shut to deter mice.

Don’t Leave Pet Food Out

Make sure you don’t just seal your trash, but also make sure you don’t leave pet food out either. Remember, one of a mices favourite meals is wet cat food, so definitely make sure you’re not leaving this lying around.

Store Food In Containers

Also, make sure that food is stored in secure containers that mice cannot access. Airtight containers are your best bet because they will not only keep mice out, but they will also keep the scent out.

Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Mice search for warm, cozy spaces to create nests where they can protect themselves and their young. They can also survive on just 3-5 grams of food every day. So make sure your home is kept tidy if you want to permanently deter mice from entering.

A mouse can survive on just a few crumbs on the floor, as well as thrive in an unoccupied attic, garage, wardrobe, or even any drawer in your home. Therefore, by maintaining a clean home, you can keep mice out of your house in the future.

Block The Entrances To Your Home

While traps will get rid of any mice that are already in your home, if you don’t discover lasting solutions to keep them out, they will return. Remember that mice can fit through openings as small as a cent, so when you’re looking for entrances, you’ll need to be extremely meticulous.

And if you locate any of these holes, simply fill them with aluminum foil or steel wool because they won’t be able to chew through these.

Try Using Scents They Hate

Finally, there are many natural odors that can deter mice. Clove and peppermint are effective mouse repellents, and you can also try hot pepper!


As you can see, there are many different reasons why your mouse traps may not be working, but not you also have the knowledge to deal with this effectively! And remember, mouse traps aren’t the only method. For a more humane and efficient way of getting rid of mice focus on preventing them from coming into your home in the first place.

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