Drain Fly Larvae In Toilet

Have you ever noticed a black or white film on the surface of your toilet bowl? Chances are you have encountered drain fly larvae. These insects are known as drain flies, moth flies, or sink flies, and unfortunately, they can end up in places where you don’t want them. Drain fly larvae in toilets is … Read more

Are Drain Flies Harmful To Cats

Drain flies are tiny, but they can be an absolute nuisance. As soon as you discover one in your home, you’re bound to see more shortly after on just about every surface. You might notice your cat loves to chase them, but are drain flies harmful to cats? Cats cannot be harmed by drain flies, … Read more

Are Drain Flies Harmful To Dogs

With many bugs, such as mosquitos, carrying diseases and being potentially harmful to both you and your dog, that raises many questions about you and your dog’s safety around them. One of these is a drain fly. Are drain flies harmful to dogs? No, drain flies are not harmful to dogs since they do not … Read more

Do Drain Flies Die In Winter?

Drain flies, otherwise known as moth flies, can be a real pain, and they are a prevalent pest problem in many places around the world. If you’re hoping to be rid of any flies in your home, then you might be wondering, do drain flies die in winter? Drain flies will usually survive the winter … Read more

Can Drain Flies Lay Eggs In Humans?

Drain flies cannot lay eggs in humans because humans are considered sterile environments, which the drain fly cannot survive in. The environment around you is more concerning than your body unless you are unhygienic. In that case, you should be extremely conscious, given drain flies can carry many pathogens that are dangerous for your health.  … Read more

Will Vinegar Get Rid Of Drain Flies

Vinegar is a great way to get rid of drain flies because it will kill drain fly larvae and dislodge leftover foods that make great breeding grounds. Drain flies are attracted to dirty, moist environments. They must have nutrients nearby to grow. If you use white vinegar to dislodge food debris, you are less likely … Read more

9 Causes Of Black Worms In Your Sink (& What To Do)

If you’ve ever come across black worms, be it big or small, anywhere around the sink drains in your bathroom or kitchen, this means you possibly have a drain worm problem. These worms are a terrible nuisance as they can be the potential cause of spreading bacteria in your house and carry a lot of … Read more

Are Drain Flies Harmful?

Have you seen any pesky little drain flies around your house lately? With their small, dark bodies and spread-out wings, they look similar to moths and love breeding in damp places like bathrooms, drains, and kitchen sinks.  Their presence can certainly be a nuisance and give the impression of unsanitary conditions, but the real question … Read more

Do Drain Flies Bite? (& What It Could Be)

If you notice drain flies in your home, then you may be wondering whether they’re going to bite or sting you! Well, wonder no more. In this article, not only are you going to find out whether they can bite or sting, but you’ll also learn about other common pests that may be irritating you! … Read more