Can Febreeze Kill Spiders (4 Ingredients That Make It So Effective)

When you notice a spider around your house, you may look around frantically for something to kill it. After all, if you get too close with a shoe, it may end up running at you. Or, at the very least, it’s going to leave a big mess.

In this article, you’re going to find out not only whether Febreze kills spiders, but also how long it takes, what ingredients are in Febreze, and if other air fresheners are effective at killing spiders too. So keep reading to find out!

So Can Febreze Kill Spiders?

Spiders are incredibly fragile, and it’s no wonder that with enough Febreze, you’ll definitely be able to kill them. However, that doesn’t mean you should never buy RAID again. While it is possible for Febreze to kill spiders, it’s not going to leave a lasting Killzone like sprays made for killing spiders. On top of this, it won’t be as effective either.

Do Other Air Fresheners Kill Spiders?

You may be wondering now if other air fresheners are able to kill spiders as well. However, it all just depends on the specific brand. Each brand will have different ingredients, which can affect their potency when it comes to killing spiders.

What Ingredients Make Febreze So Effective?

There are actually a number of ingredients that make Febreze so effective against spiders when compared to other air fresheners. So what are the ingredients in Febreze that make it so effective at killing spiders?


One of the ingredients in Febreze is ethanol, which, as you know, is a type of alcohol. Ethanol in such high doses to a spider is extremely fatal, and it’s literally going to poison them to death.

Ethyl Acetate

Ethyl Acetate is another substance in Febreze that makes it another great spider killer. This particular ingredient is actually used as a pesticide normally, and so obviously, it’s going to be effective against spiders. It may be hidden in lovely fragrance, but it’s definitely there!

Ethyl Acetate works by releasing vapors that irritate a spider’s respiratory system, and once they inhale it, they will die.

Hydroxpropyl Beta-cyclodextrin

Another ingredient that is found in Febreze is Hydroxypropyl Beta-cyclodextrin. It’s actually used as an ant and spider killer normally, but it has a foul odor. Luckily once it’s added to Febreze, you don’t notice the smell anymore. You can just get rid of the spiders while keeping your house smelling fresh.


Lastly, limonene is another ingredient in Febreze, which has been known to kill spiders. Again, it’s actually commonly used as a pesticide, so it’s no wonder it’s so effective against spiders. Limonene is effective because it strips the spider’s exoskeleton of its waxy coat while also causing them to suffocate.

How Long Does Febreze Take To Kill Spiders?

While there have obviously not been many scientific studies to see the effectiveness of Febreze on spiders, if you do spray a spider enough with Febreze, it will likely take about 20 minutes for the creepy-crawly to die unless you’re continuously blasting them with the can.


Here are some frequently asked questions people have about Febreze in relation to its spider-killing capabilities.

Does Febreze Kill Black Widows?

Just like any other spider, if you spray a black widow with Febreze, it will definitely be susceptible to it, and with enough time, will be killed. However, if you do notice a black widow in your home, there are definitely more effective ways of getting rid of it.

Does Febreze Kill Spiders Instantly?

No, Febreze won’t kill a spider instantly. in fact, even after you’ve sprayed a spider with Febreze for some time, it may still take a few minutes for the spider to die

Does Febreze Air Kill Spiders?

While not impossible, it would be a lot harder for Febreze to air kill a spider. For best results, you should spray Febreze directly on a spider from up close.

Will Febreze Keep Spiders Away?

Yes, if sprayed regularly, Febreze can make an excellent deterrent against spiders. Spiders are going to hate all the chemicals found in Febreze, so they’ll stay away from any areas where it’s sprayed regularly.


So in answer to the question, yes, thanks to many of the ingredients in Febreze, it can be an effective way to get rid of spiders from your home. However, if you’re looking for lasting results, you may be better of using a spray designed specifically for killing spiders.

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